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Psy-Ops USA: Ramsey Muniz Removed from Texas

BULLETIN: On June 30, Irma Muniz reports that Ramsey has been transferred to the federal prison at El Reno, Oklahoma.

“It’s been two days now,” she says. “He’s doing okay, thank you. We’re going to move forward and continue the struggle that we have always had.”

The Texas Civil Rights Review will continue to post updates and letters from Ramsey Muniz.–gm

Dear Friends:

With bitterness and sadness I write to inform you that
Ramsey Muniz has been transferred to Oklahoma. An article
about this was printed [June 21] in the Corpus Christi Caller Times,
and I will provide information in a subsequent email message….

Irma Muniz

Dear Friends:

Ramsey is currently in Oklahoma City, awaiting a transfer to
his final destination. It is shocking that the Bureau of Prisons
used trickery and deceit in order to move him out of Texas.
Needless to say, we are devastated about their sending him away.

Below is a letter received from my husband. His spirits are high,
and for the first time he is able to sleep after many weeks of
being threatened with an impending move.

Irma and Ramsey Muniz

Innocence and Freedom or Imprisonment Forever

For nearly 13 years of being confined in America’s
hardest prisons, my wife, family, close friends, attorneys,
U.S. Senators, Congressmen, national Hispanic organizations
(LULAC & American GI Forum) struggled and sacrificed, and
finally had me transferred to the Three Rivers Federal
Correctional Institution, which is close to my home in
Corpus Christi, Texas. The purpose of the transfer was for
the “reopening” of my case in order to prove my innocence
and terminate the miscarriage of justice committed against
my family and me.

In the beginning I was not aware that the Three Rivers
Federal Correctional Institution did not desire my presence
though immediately upon my arrival I was confined in solitary
confinement for no legal or constitutional reason. Within
a period of 3 weeks the administrative staff removed my
privileges to shop at the institutional commissary.

On two occasions I was told to pack in order to be
transferred, then was told to unpack due to letters and
phone calls received from U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and
Hispanic organizations. My wife’s visits were terminated for
30 days, and immediately thereafter terminated for 90 days.
The constant attitude of the staff and administration was
extremely racial, biased, discriminatory and prejudicial.
Never in my entire life had I experienced such inhumane actions.

Upon my arrival at Three Rivers FCI, my medical status
was classified as level 1. In order to justify my transfer,
(and without a medical examination), the Medial Director
and administration staff changed my level 1 medical status to a
level 2, since Three Rivers FIC is a medical level 1 institution.
Throughout my entire time in Three Rivers I was never fully
examined by a medical doctor. I never had a reason to visit
the institutional medical clinic or took any kind of medication.
I am not ill and thank God for keeping me in excellent physical

At Three Rivers FCI I met with sever people who
will be instrumental in the reopening of my case. It was my
first opportunity in 14 years and now they have transferred me
out of Texas, out of the reach of legal assistance, and out
of reach of my dear family whose love and support kept me alive,
providing the desire, will, and spiritual faith to fight against
this oppression and incarceration, knowing that I’m innocent.

How will I ever be repaid for this mode of cruel darkness,
solitary confinement, sadness, loneliness, hunger, grief, pain,
sorrow, and the loss of love? I am 64 years old and I refuse to
submit to the oppressive and racial actions taken against me by
the administration at Three Rivers FCI and the Federal Bureau
of Prisons.

All of my life I have struggled and fought for the rights
of all humanity and we are now in the 21st century with our own
proud Hispanic candidate. How is it that we permit injustices
to be committed against me, who 35 years ago was a candidate
for Governor of the state of Texas?

My chains and shackles are false and their clang against
my body can be heard from Oklahoma to the entire state of Texas.
Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the
price of false chains, shackles, and the imprisonment of my
innocence? I know not what others will do, but as for me, I
will forever continue the struggle for my freedom until I die.

I ask that everyone open their hearts and join me in this
struggle for my freedom, and the fundamental, legal, constitutional
right to be transferred back to Texas. Please stay in touch with
Irma, my wife, for the path toward freedom, justice, and equality
has just begun.

Pray for me. Prayers are power!

Ramiro “Ramsey” Muniz

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