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Ramsey Muniz Moved to Oklahoma, 15 Hours from Wife

June 30, 2007

Dear Friends:

I have spoken with my husband, Ramsey, and he has
arrived at El Reno, Oklahoma, which is a high security
medium Federal Correctional Institution (FCI). Due to
certain factors and circumstances that we will discuss
at a later time, his transfer to Oklahoma has created
tremendous hardships for the family, attorneys, and
individuals who are involved in the reopening of his
immediate case.

This change will have a tremendous impact on me personally,
because I was visiting Ramsey weekly. Three Rivers is
90 miles away from Corpus Christi, and the drive to
Three Rivers is 1½ hours. Now I must travel 800 miles
and drive 15 hours to reach El Reno, Oklahoma.

Those who are interested can write to Ramsey at the
following address:

Ramiro R. Muniz – 40288-115
FCI El Reno
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1500
El Reno, OK 73036

Within a reasonable period of time the national legal
committee to have Ramsey transferred back to Three Rivers
(or another lower security Texas institution) will exchange
legal strategies, contacts, and if necessary take this matter
to federal court. Please be so kind as to share this information
with your congressman and senator, and let them know that you will
continue to send them information regarding this case.

I have made contact with organizations. Their representatives
are extremely upset and are ready to do what is necessary. We
were honored to be in contact with Jaime Martinez, who
expressed his concern for Ramsey. Mr. Martinez is the Founder,
Chairman, and Organizer of the Cesar E. Chavez March in
San Antonio, Texas. He is President of the Labor Council for Latin
American Advancement – San Antonio Chapter, and serves as
National LULAC Labor Advisor and Treasurer.

I am making plans to visit my husband as soon as possible.
Know that I will continue to communicate information and keep
everyone informed about appropriate steps taken.

Thank you for all the support that you have provided.

Irma Muniz

Irma and Ramsey Muniz

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