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Ramsey Muniz: Prison is Real Hell

Dear Friends:

Enclosed is the first of a 2 part letter written by Ramsey Muniz. We recently learned that his custody level merits a placement in a camp or Federal Correctional Institution, yet he finds himself in a maximum security penitentiary. Again we thank the members of LULAC and the American GI Forum for their kindness, compassion, and support, which comes at a most crucial time.–Irma L. Muniz


I Know That I’m Innocent

Infinite pain: for the pain of imprisonment is the harshest, most devastating pain, murdering this mind, searching the soul, leaving marks on the heart that will never be erased.
The pain of bearing chains and shackles on your body is born from a lump of iron and quickly sweeps away this mysterious world that agitates every heart; it grows, feeding on every shadowy sorrow, and finally it overflows, swollen by my scalding tears. America has never been in prison. Yes, God does exist, and from the darkness and cold of these prisons I come in His name to shatter the cold glass that encloses that tear in the souls of those responsible for my incarceration,
for the confinement in their cold and dark holes, for the torture and cruelty, for the separation from my loving wife, family, and people, for sentencing my body and soul to a death sentence knowing all the time that I was innocent.

“Prison is a real hell, a living hell. The prison hospital
is another and even more real hell. On the threshold of
unknown worlds, and to move me from one hell to the other, the political prison of America req1uirs that the shadow of death be upon me.”


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