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Ramsey Muniz: They Forgot about the Heart

Dear Friends:

The enclosed letter from Ramsey Muniz describes his
spiritual and loving disposition in spite of his
suffering. The institution was released from lock down
on Tuesday. Please distribute.–Irma L. Muniz


Mi Corazon,

Yes, I’m back in the jungle of humanity of this
United States. I have been here only one week and I’m
locked down with the entire institution. I can only say
that it wasn’t as bad as one week in Oklahoma. Be that
as it may, I continue to ponder on one issue at this time, and that is having me transferred to a Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Texas.
I have been 12 ½ years in this country’s hardest penitentiaries and that is enough for any Mexicano in my position who doesn’t have a violent background, is not a member of any gang or group, and has not had an “incident report” in 12 ½ years of confinement. This in and of itself is cruel and unusual punishment. I can barely walk across the entire prison compound with my cane and yet I see all these younger convicts exercising as if getting ready for war anytime.

Why? Why is it that they don’t want for me to be close
to my family and friends in Texas? Even those in this prison cannot understand what I’m doing here in this high security penitentiary.

As I was sitting on a bench by myself praying to the
Creator, I heard the sound of a gunshot and instructions to hit the ground, face down, on the gravel. Inside this institution there is no grass, no trees, all gravel, concrete and bars – the future of tomorrow to control your mind.

Guess what. They forgot about this heart – this heart
that is full of love and nothing destroys love. It doesn’t
matter if there is a desert, no trees, only chains and shackles.

This Mexicano love overcomes all. This love from this Mexicano will one day free all our people. One can be old and think young, others can be young and think old. After God gave me life once again he took my heart and mind and said unto me, “Tez, you shall
once more think, feel, love, and lead young once again.” And when He said that unto my life, you were there standing next to me with tears pouring, holding my hand and saying, “Oh Ramsey, please get
well, for I love you so much.” This is the power that embraces me this very minute even in this lock down tonight. I can feel you tonight, I can feel your corazon in my hands. Oh Irma, oh my Citlalmina, I love you, I adore you, I admire your strength.

We must continue with the faith and courage we have in our hearts. I know at times we feel all the odds are against us, but without sacrifice and sorrow, freedom has never come about, and I know that because of our suffering and sacrificing, many others will never feel the pain. Imagine how Christ felt the days before His
execution – the nights before knowing that He was going to die for the sins and freedom of all humanity. And how weak some people are about everything in life. No discipline, no faith, no courage, and no love. I pray for them constantly.


“Thus I love you, love.
Love, thus I love you.
thus as your hair
lifts up and as
your mouth smiles,
light as water
from the spring upon the pure stones,
thus I love you, beloved…


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Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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