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Ramsey Muniz Requests Your Support

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Dear Friends:

We seek letters from congressmen and organizations. Please forward this email to those who are members of LULAC, the GI Forum, and other civic organizations and ask them to send a letter from their organization.

The letter will be sent to Geraldo Maldonado, Regional Director of the South Central Region Bureau of Prisons. A sample letter is shown below, and thank you in advance for your assistance.

Irma Muniz

March 27, 2007

Gerardo Maldonado, Jr.
Regional Director
South Central Regional Office
Federal Bureau of Prisons
4211 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX 75219

Re: Ramiro R. Muniz # 40288-115

Dear Mr. Maldonado:
Mr. Muniz has been told that he will be transferred out of the Federal Correctional Institution in Three Rivers, Texas due to medical reasons. We ask your assistance in preventing this transfer.

When Mr. Muniz was sentenced in 1994, Judge Paul Brown recommended that he be incarcerated in Three Rivers, Texas. We ask that the Bureau of Prisons consider the recommendation made by Judge Paul Brown along with the qualifications of Mr. Muniz. He merits placement in a Federal Correctional Institution and we ask that he remain at Three Rivers.

Mr. Muniz is now told that his transfer out of Three Rivers FCI is due to medical reasons, yet nothing indicates a need for this move. He arrived at Three Rivers, Texas in good health. He has not made a
visit to the infirmary, nor has he requested any type of medication for physical ailments in 13 years.

After spending many years of incarcerated in maximum security penitentiaries, Mr. Muniz has proven to be a model prisoner. He had no incident reports and because of his low point classification, the North Central and South Central Regional Offices for the Bureau of Prisons recommended his transfer to Three Rivers, Texas.

We ask your assistance in keeping Mr. Muniz in Three Rivers, Texas.


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