TCRR TEAMwork Gets Nice Notice

First of all, a quick thank you to the new facebook readers here at the Texas Civil Rights Review. One nice thing about the software we use is the careful documentation we get about our readership. Which leads us to the next item…

Charles Kuffner, master of the Texas blog world, has posted some kind words about the Texas Civil Rights Review. Kuff was following work posted by blogger Racy Mind, who wrote:

The early heavy lifting on the Texas Elections Administration Management System (TEAM) project was best done by the Texas Civil Rights Review back in 2005. They followed this issue from way back, before IBM-Hart InterCivic even won the contract. I have put alot of time in reviewing this work, and I can only say ‘wow!’. An issue as important as this received minimal attention from the rest of the world, so I can only say that anybody who cares about the Texas democratic process should thank Greg Moses for what must have been a massive amount of work. A long list of links to this work is below. The vendor selection process as outlined by the Texas SOS is here.

Thanks again to facebook folks, Kuff, and Racy Mind. Having readers like you is the blog world equivalent of a merit raise.–gm

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