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The ''Send 'Em Back'' Song: Not What You'd Think

At planet flamenco com, they have posted Teye and Belen’s appeal for a Christmas Eve vigil at Hutto jail (5-6 pm) along with lyrics from a song by The Foremen, “Send ‘Em Back”–back to Europe, that is.

The Official Foremen Website Well, Columbus found this nation
Had a native population
Who’d been living here since many years B.C.
Descended from a people who were noble, brave and daring
Who’d migrated ‘cross the Bering eating bits of frozen herring
And spread out across this continent from sea … to sea … so peaceful and so free …

Send ’em back
Send ’em back
Put ’em on a trek Columbo couldn’t track
Let ’em count the steps to China on a friggin’ abacus
Restrict immigration
And give this mighty nation
Back to us … squirrels

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