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Why Language is So Important

To follow CCA’s lead and call the Hutto jail a “residential center” is newspeak we won’t support. Even “detention” seems less overt than it should be. We don’t object to Jay Johnson-Castro’s “prison camp,” but jail is so much easier to type over and over again.

At any rate, look what happens when search engines get to talking to each other. Google keyword, T. Don Hutto:

Hutto, Texas Guide to Local Hotels, Lodging, Restaurants, Real …
The T. Don Hutto Residential Center, a private detention facility in Taylor, Texas, is emblematic of new federal policy that detains all unauthorized … – 76k – Cached – Similar pages
On the subject of America as a Corrections Corporation, where half of the people can be hired to keep the other half locked up, here’s a summer recollection:

Down in Pinal County: The Pun’s on US As the company presents it: here is a March 2006 pitch in pdf format to a Lehman Brothers Conference.

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