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Walk to Bayview and Raymondville Prison Camps, March 21-25

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro:

Mornin’ amigos…

John Neck and I will be doing an new walk…starting next week.

It is a five day Bayview-Raymondville prison camps walk. Starting next week…Wednesday, March 21…the walk will leave from Brownsville . We will arrive at the Bayview prison camp on Thursday, March 22. From there, I will head west to Harlingen and then north to the Raymondville concentration camp…a tent camp for Latin American, mostly Mexican National refugees. We will arrive at the Raymondville camp on Sunday, March 25th. More details about this walk will be forth coming.
From my first Border Wall-K last October…I learned about these camps. This led me to protest against the Hutto prison camp, which imprisons innocent children from upwards of some 29 countries. Then last week we did a walk to the Haskell prison camp in Gov. Silent Perry’s home town. I have told everyone who knows me that I would go back to the southern tip of Texas and walk against those facilities…including a facility that also has children that are detained without their parents.

Right now, the current Bush schematic is to terrorize our own country…and rip families and communities apart in the process. This is to destabilize all of America. He uses his henchman Chertoff the ICE forces to accomplish the objective. And why do they do this? It is a front to siphon tax dollars…our tax dollars…down to for-profit prison companies. It’s all done in secrecy…so we the American masses live in ignorance of their deeds.

For anyone who believes in the scriptures, there’s a principle that would be most applicable. “For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, neither anything carefully concealed that will never become known and never come into the open” (Lu. 8:17). By means of “We the people” along with the genuine free press which is above being complicit with this administration and Chertoff…things are not only becoming known and into the open. They are becoming manifest.

Look at the numbers that have come into the open. Upwards of $7,000 of our taxpayers’ money…per month…per immigrant…goes to private for-profit prison companies. That’s what is being funneled to these companies…on the pretext of “illegal” and “national security”. That’s only for the imprisonment of these victims. That doesn’t count the salaries of the militarized forces within our country…like ICE. That doesn’t count the billions of dollars that go to the industrial complex for orchestrated domestic terror…as Bush and Chertoff war against its own citizens on American soil.

As things become more in the open…it is obvious that everything about this American tragedy centers on two things. Money and what’s legal versus what is discriminately categorized as “illegal”. It is legal for ICE to ruin lives…and to work in behalf of for-profit prisons that dehumanize humble immigrants for money. It’s NOT at all about right versus wrong…humane versus inhumane…moral versus immoral. And…who makes someone illegal? The same people who are profiting.

So…if it’s about money…our money…where do we the taxpayers come in? Don’t we have a right to know the facts?

What does it cost us to fund ICE and their raids? What does it cost our country to rip desperate people’s lives apart? What does it cost us to have assault teams rip immigrants out of their homes and communities and rip them away from their children…or their children away from them? What happens to their homes and property…and personal possessions and documents?

Let’s not talk about “illegal” immigrants…when what ICE is doing to them is inhumane and criminal. Why is it in this country that the most demented criminals walk free and often hold high office…while the lowly victimized masses yearning to be free live in constant terror…and are nothing more than a commodity to funnel money to the greedy?

Ultimately…the demented architects of our country’s ICE (immigration and customs enforcement)…are a malignant evil. They now reign over our country using sinister tactics not dissimilar to what we observed in frightening eras of human history such as in Germany and Yugoslavia. A reign of terror and fear…backed by cruel and inhumane raids on humans is crippling everything that we Americans want our country to be.

We the people have had enough of this. Our history is glutted with evils that we have fought to overcome. From slavery and racist treatment of the Africans. To the genocide and reservation-concentration camps for the Native Americans. The slave labor of the Chinese. The internment of the Japanese.

And the malignancy lives on. The extraction of the Arab Americans and the oppression of the Latino on a continental scale. Militarizing our border…literally doubling the military forces…against a friendly nation. All the while…and by doing so…making money! The same supremacist racist forces are back in the saddle.

Their greatest con job has been to dupe the American public into thinking that this all has to do with upholding the law. Anyone can look and see that they themselves have stripped us of Constitutional rights. And why? To control us ALL. These racist supremacist elitists rule…not only the world…but our own country. How many Americans are now wondering if their phones and e-mails are tapped. If mine is….they’re getting an earful of how I’m going to use what’s left of my freedoms to oppose their tyranny. I’m going to use my freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of press to oppose what I see as clearly cruel and criminal rule. In America …there is no legal basis for a ruling class. We are a democracy…a democracy that is about to get a revival.

Their second greatest con job by this regime is to convince us, the American public…and the victims of their abuse…that the victims are responsible for their victimization. Their being victims is their own doing…and therefore should be punished. Therefore they can be imprisoned for-profit! That’s like parents blaming a baby for the bruises all over its body…and beating some more for crying as the pain is being inflicted. In our county…the ultimate abuser is manifest by the actions of the current administration, Chertoff & ICE.

This can only stop…if “We the people of the United States ” exercise our conscience…and return to the fundamentals of democracy. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not a government of greedy corporations and power hungry despots. Perhaps some law makers in Washington are willing to take the lead. But we do not yet see the innocent children and their mothers in the Hutto prison camp freed. One more day of incarceration is un-American, immoral and criminal.

Let’s use every moral means to take our country back and free the innocent victims of a depraved administration that does not feel answerable to anyone but their corporate sponsors. With our hearts, minds and conscience…we can make a change. We don’t need harmful weapons. We only need our passion and conviction.

So…I appeal to all Americans…

Anglo Americans

Asian Americans
African Americans
Arab Americans
Latin Americans
Native Americans
Heinz 57 Americans
Veteran Americans
Immigrant Americans
First Generation Americans
Second and Third Generation Americans
All decedents of immigrant Americans
All All-Americans

We have the moral and constitutional right…to take our country back. We have the right to let Liberty ’s invitation shine.

Give me your tired, you poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Bush, Chertoff and the ICE military are ravaging American soil in betrayal of that international promise. While Liberty shines her lamp to show the way to freedom, these despots see dollar signs and not future fellow Americans. They allow these people to be baited by the American promise of Liberty…only to be used as a commodity and be imprisoned with no due process…and “for-profit”.

Bush is sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Since he has defaulted on his presidential vow, ”WE”…the true government must protect the Constitution from the domestic enemies!

Without any violence…we draw a new line in the Texas sand. We want America back. We want desperate immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers…to be free and realize what our forefathers realized. Hope. That’s what made America … America . The tired, poor, huddled masses, the homeless and the tempest-tossed. We want to keep them coming to America . And from those who have already come…we want to free them from the despotism that would destroy their human dignity.

Will you join in this five day walk against for-profit prison camps that have hundreds and thousands of huddled masses yearning to be free? A day? A mile? Will you join in to free and protect the future of America ?



The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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