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Welcome Unapologetic Mexican Readers!

We have linked back to the Unapologetic Mexican before, who crafted a righteous X-Mas card of Hutto rebuke.

And today we welcome readers thrown our way by a link hooked directly from the heart. Yes, we don’t mind saying how warmed we are to be found connected underground to the following flow of spirit from an entry titled, “18 de Junio, 2007,
La Nación es de Quien lo Trabaja”:

Chances are good that if you say “read this or that or the other blog to get a better idea of ‘what to think about immigration,’ and because we are personally and emotionally connected to these events and so not only will we have a focus that will not waver but a passion that drives it”—they will say you are link-thirsting, and whining. If you talk (continually) about humane reasons why we absolutely should care about Mexican immigrants, or why caring for this huge group of people is the most important issue right now—even if you tie it to family you have, or dreams, or even ideas about historical wrongs, or kids in prison—you will be told that this is your pet issue, or that you are offering useless editorializing, or else that you should stop complaining and…lead the way?

Anyway, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that type of criticism. I’m not here to dance, and I’m not here to draw divisions deeper. But check yourself. Just because you bigger blogs have more of the mainstream that is comfortable with your views doesn’t mean you have the right views all or even most of the time. Don’t be like the Right: afraid of hearing voices that might not vote a predictable way; don’t be afraid of your own precious Democratic ideals, and of truth, and of change.

Ultimately, more of us are talking about this, and that is a beautiful thing.

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