Saad Nabeel Denied Student Visa for Second Time

On his second visit to the American Consulate in Bangladesh, Saad Nabeel found an interviewer who was up to speed on the latest publicity, but still unwilling to approve a student visa so that he could attend SMU as an Environmental Engineering student.

The Consulate official Tuesday afternoon suggested that Nabeel attend the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

“Even when I told her I didn’t speak the language, that two of my cousins who are IN SCHOOL here in Bangladesh told me lectures are in Bangla (not English), she kept repeating ‘Why don’t you go to BUET!? They speak perfect English there!'” said Nabeel in an email.

Nabeel said he saw highlighted printouts of articles about him.

“She asked me, ‘How did you get into SMU in March? I was on the site and it said that the deadlines were in January!'” said Nabeel.

“Someday, people will respect me I hope,” said Nabeel. “One day they won’t talk to me like I’m trash. That day is a dream for now.”

Nabeel was also turned down for a student visa during a visit to the consulate in June.

By mopress

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