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Ramsey Muniz: Letters from Lockdown

Editor’s Note: Email from Irma Muniz received on Dec. 18:

Dear Friends:

Ramsey Muñiz is going on two weeks in solitary confinement. We seek prays for him, as the suffering is intense. The lockdown has come about because of the hostility of others. Ramsey has been unable to call home or receive visits until further notice. The letters that I share have been written under extreme suffering.

To send encouragement and photographs, write to Ramiro R. Muniz – 40288-115, FCC Beaumont – Medium, P.O. Box 26040, Beaumont, TX 77720.


“Where are you, mi raza hermosa? I continue after 16 ½ years to suffer in this imprisonment of oppression and injustice. I was confined for many years in the dungeons of America. Where are you mi raza hermosa? The chains, shackles and continuous solitary confinement presently endured has become a part of my life in darkness and agony. Where are you, mi raza? Many in the so called free world speak of and advocate freedom and justice, yet they refuse to look into this world of mine. Where are you mi raza? Know in your heart that it is my destiny in life to live and die for your freedom, justice, and love in this world.”

Ramsey R. Muñiz – Tezcatlipoca


December 8, 2010

My most powerful love:

Even though I’m confined in solitary, our love has been the most powerful and profound freedom in my heart. You are constantly in my mind and corazon. At times I find it hard to study because my mind wanders off with you. Be that as it may, please know that these are the times when I become a stronger Mexicano in all aspects of life. I’m amazed that I find myself wondering how in the world I was able to survive the three years in the dungeons of Leavenworth. There is no question in my heart that the Creator has a purpose in my life not only for myself but for all humanity.

“All humanity is united with divinity. I’m fit for the mode of oppression and darkness by the indwelling of the holy spirit.”

“In the prisons of the oppressor, John the Baptist was the same in his loyalty to God and his zeal for righteousness as when he preached God’s message in the wilderness. In his faithfulness to principle, he was as firm as a rock.”



Don’t ask me why or how, but I’m convinced that Dr. Salvador Alvarez was preparing me for these days and weeks to come. He is quite impressed with our studies pertaining to our entire spirituality. He constantly states that from my birth it became a part of my life and that is the reason I have so much love in my heart regardless of the dungeons, hunger, chains, shackles, darkness and oppression. Yes, there are times when I seek the relief of my hunger, but in my heart I remembered that it is written — man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word “proceedeth” out of the mouth of God. I’m praying that we be released before Christmas but it is hard to tell. Incidents were serious – the same that is happening throughout the world today. Ask others to join me in prayer asking God to continue giving me His profound spiritual strength and power to overcome these injustices on my life.

“It is moral worth that God values. Love and purity are the attributes He prizes most. John the Baptist was great in the sight of the Lord. Before the messengers from the Sanhedrin before the people, and before his own disciples, he refrained from seeking honor for himself, but pointed all to Jesus as the “Promised One.” His unselfish joy in the ministry of Christ presents the highest type of nobility ever revealed in man.”



December 12, 2010

Mi Amor, mi Corazon:

Please promise me not to be saddened. Be brave and proud to know that we are most powerful spiritually and there is nothing that can defeat this love of ours not only for ourselves but for all of humanity.

“Christ’s work testified to His divinity. Through Him the Father has been revealed. If the disciples believed this vital connection between the Father and the Son, their faith would not have forsaken them when they saw Christ’s suffering and death to save a perishing world. Christ was seeking to lead them from their low condition of faith to the experience they might relieve if they truly realized who He was – God in human flesh.”

Christ, who was also confined in the dungeons of the oppressor, came to break the shackles of sin, slavery, and oppression from the soul.” If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be, indeed.” The law of the spirits of life in Jesus Christ set us ‘free from the law of sin, oppression, and death.’ (Rom. 8:1)

Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca


We sent the Office of the Pardon Attorney evidence in the trial transcript. During the 1994 trial, the prosecution withheld information that would have revealed the culprit that was allowed to go free and Ramsey Muñiz was incarcerated for life without parole. What will it take for President Barack Obama to provide assistance?

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