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Ramsey Muniz: Tears for an Execution

As I communicate with you it is very difficult to hold back my tears. They just announced on CNN that Troy Davis will be executed. I will begin my fasting this very minute and I will be outside all day and in the evening praying for his soul asking that he continue to be strong and never ever give up his hope and love for justice and God.

I know that deep in my heart there are messages from God even in the taking of Troy, who will be in heaven seeking the means of providing justice and love to those who find themselves imprisoned as long as we have.

There was a profound reason for all the powerful spiritual dreams that I had last night and the presence of heavenly spirits who
embraced me various times, as if they knew that I would feel the pain and suffering of Troy Davis, his family, and those who are close to his heart.

I know that the spirits will be with me and they will give me such strength and will to exist that I will even become a most profound individual like never before in my entire life. Yes, my heart is broken because I have felt this pain and suffering that Mr. Davis has endured.

In reality, a death sentence is actually one in which everyday one does not know if he will ever be free to live and love like the rest of humanity on this earth. What an injustice against one’s life and heart!

I thank God for the tears and feelings that come from my heart, because this only indicates that they have not taken the most precious gifts of all, which are love and freedom. Those are the words of my father and they shall live with me forever.

Pray for the soul of Troy Davis and that one day justice will eventually come into the hearts of America. Please be in prayer with me.


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