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Cruel and Unusual: After 18 Years, Must Ramsey Muniz also Die in Prison?

An email from Ramsey and Irma Muniz:

Dear Friends:

Ramsey was sentenced to a death sentence but it is called “life sentence without parole.” Legally, he received a death sentence. The only way that he will ever be released from the prisons is in a coffin.

The freedom that we seek from the Federal Bureau of Prisons should be immediately granted, because Ramsey has been wrongfully imprisoned and then given a sentence — life without parole.

Through Ramsey’s incarceration for the last 18 years, the US government has violated the 8th Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment), 5th Amendment (due process of the law), and 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law).

They have already taken 18 years of Ramsey’s life, which will never be returned or replaced in his heart and soul. Many are in total amazement that he has not lost his mind and sanity. They wonder how it is that in spite of his cruel confinement, he continues to be the man that he is, refusing to give up his struggle for freedom.

We ask how much more must Ramsey continue to suffer! There was no violence involved in his case. There were no weapons involved. There is a strong issue of innocence, yet he faces life a death sentence everyday of his life.

We ask where there is justice in his life. Where is the justice that America speaks about? Where there justice for his family that continues to suffer as he does?

We demand justice not tomorrow, not next week, nor next month, but now. We demand freedom now! We ask God to give us the will power and the assistance of humanity in seeking freedom and justice now!

Thank you for anything that you can do to help. Next week we will launch a letter writing campaign that will go through December 13, 2012 – Ramsey’s birthday. Details will be provided!

Please prepare for this by researching the name and address of your senator and congressman. Keep the addresses written so that you can locate them easily. Our senators and congressmen will hear from us regularly, and we will all send our letters at the same time – on or before December 13th of each month!

With love,
Ramsey & Irma Muniz

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