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Ramsey Muniz: El Dia de los Muertos, 2011

The Prison Writings of Ramsey Muniz

I thank my husband, Ramsey for bringing my father into the life of our family on El Dia de los Muertos – a day in which we remember our spiritual family members with love in our hearts. The time has come for our freedom and for reuniting our families. — Irma Muniz

This day of spiritual celebration has become a day of freedom in our hearts and souls like never before. Since becoming a part of this world, it has been our belief that our spirits continue to live. We pray to them and obtain the spiritual blessing from God and all spirits who are in heaven.

Just as we are returning to our God-given nature through our cultura and history, we are also returning to our power of spirituality like never before. We are survivors, and the reason for this lies in our spiritual beliefs that are a part of us and will always be.

God has blessed me with strength and profound spiritual and cultural power to overcome the confinement and great suffering for last 19 years of my life for the sake of my family. Our time has come, and it is written that it would only come through injustice, grief, and suffering.

In my heart and soul I can feel the rising of our sixth sun like never before in my life. On El Dia de los Muertos I celebrate the spiritual love of those who are in heaven and reside in our hearts, leading us to the enlightenment of freedom.

Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

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