See You NEXT November: Equality Texas Fightin' Mad

When we began and funded the No Nonsense in November Campaign in June,
Equality Texas (then LGRL) asked each of you to join us in an
unprecedented statewide coalition to fight for equality and to demand
accountability from the Texas Legislature. When the Legislature put
this measure on the ballot, we said that we could look forward to an
18-month process. In November 2005, LGBT Texans were on the ballot.
But, in November 2006, the legislators who put this measure on the
ballot will be up for re-election, and we are going to work as never
before to be sure that they do not return to Austin. Their record of
failed leadership transcends LGBT Texans, and reaches to every facet of
government in our state. It is time for change, not just for LGBT
Texans, but for all of us.

Read full statement at:
Equality Texas One more excerpt:

Across this state, more than 534,000 voters stepped forward and voted
against discrimination and injustice. But, we must realize that we did
not lose this fight by 1.2 million votes. We lost it by two votes. Once
in the Texas House of Representatives on April 25, 2005. Once in the
Texas Senate on May 21, 2005. And in each of these cases, a handful of
votes would have prevented this amendment from ever reaching the
state’s voters.

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