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Ramsey Muniz: It is Time to Seek Freedom for All Humanity

The Texas Civil Rights Review is proud to present the writings of Ramsey Muniz from federal prison.

This morning I walked for one and half hours and I would stop every 50 yards to pray for a member of the family until I prayed for everyone. Thereafter, I began to communicate directly with the Lord and I did so until it was time for me to return inside.

As you witness on television, there is a great movement coming on once again. All of the old timers are coming back out very strong including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Ralph Abrernathy, and various music and sports superstars. They speak not only of Trayvon Martin, the innocent young man whose life was taken. They cry out that enough is enough and that the time has come for the people to reunite like never ever before. Everyone of them makes the statement that is all about suffering and that the African Americans have suffered enough!

When i hear them speak, my heart and soul begin to pound, because I am a victim of this suffering, and it was not just yesterday or the day before that I suffering drastically. I have cried out about my suffering for the last 20 years of my life! I challenge someone to show me another one who has suffered in the manner that I have suffered and continue to suffer to this very day.

Hispanics and Latinos – individuals and leaders, do not have to answer to me about my suffering. They can refuse to take a positive position regarding my freedom. God will wait for them in His court andHe will remind them that I was hungry, sick, cold and asking for help.

Yes, the time has come — enough is enough! Even President Obama is concerned about the way that his race has been treated for the last ten years, and if some doubt his words of wisdom I challenge them to enter the prisons and witness the oppression, repression, and racism like never ever before.

It is time to unite and come forth, because in reality no one has the political and cultural power that we should have by now. We are holding ourselves back at a critical time in which we need to leap forward. It is time to wake up from the nightmare that we have experienced for years. It is time to rise and come forth to seek not only my freedom, but freedom for all humanity!


[Ramsey Muniz
from Federal Prison]

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