Isenberg Center Frees Chinese Woman from Immigrant Detention in Texas

The Isenberg Center for Immigration Equality (ICIE) arranged the freedom of Su, Li from ICE detention in El Paso, Texas. Su, Li is a foreign national from China that was detained on the way to work on February 2, 2012. The details of her detention are sketchy because Su, Li was picked up by ICE, turned over to Customs Border Patrol and then turned back over to ICE. Despite not having an attorney Su, Li was in proceeding and about to file a claim for political asylum without legal assistance. All this was taking place in El Paso despite the fact that she was picked up in Lubbock, Texas which is under the jurisdiction of Dallas, Texas Regional offices and courts.

“There is much to sort out and while we do that we plan to get Su, Li enrolled in school learning English and exposing her to a much more positive side of American Society” ICIE founder, Ralph Isenberg, said. “It was wrong to detain Su, Li in the first place and we want answers,” Isenberg concluded. ICIE has called for an official investigation into the way the El Paso Processing Center treated Su, Li and the unprofessional manner in which ICE communicated with the staff of ICIE. Chief of Staff, Arturo Rodriguez III said “it felt like the folks in El Paso thought their fax number was a national secret. After they refused to give us their fax number we merely called DHS in Washington and they gave it to us. This is what happens when people take their jobs too seriously and forget why they are there in the first place.”

ICIE founder, Ralph Isenberg, flew to El Paso to pick Su, Li up at the El Paso, Texas Processing Center exactly two months after she was detained in Lubbock, Texas. He flew in from Dallas, Texas and was back on his way to Dallas in less than an hour with Su, Li in hand. Su, Li will reside and be attended to by Isenberg and his family until ICIE investigates the circumstances behind Su, Li and resolves her immigration problems. Isenberg, whose wife and adopted daughter are from mainland China are making Su, Li feel that she is no longer alone and isolated in a strange land. “It will take Su, Li several weeks to deal with being detained for two months. Su, Li will have plenty of people to support her during this difficult period,” Isenberg said.

The Isenberg Center for Immigration Equality (ICIE) is a privately-funded initiative that deals with foreign nationals that are having immigration problems. Special attention is given to those whose problems involved family separation or issues related to the Constitution of the United States. ICIE has a full legal staff to prosecute fairness and justice to those harmed by the immigration system. A sister organization, known as Stop Dreaming & Live strives to make foreign nationals feel like they are part of the American society.

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